I'll call you some other time.

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After the thorough plundering of the town, its people had no riches and no goods left.

Don't worry about the store. I'll lock up.

Why didn't Lin say anything?

You should always keep your car in good order.

I did hesitate just a bit.

Am I going to see you again?

My book became the Holy writ for all those engineers.

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You can't park here.

The boy likes walking around the sofa store.

When she was twenty, she could speak seven languages.

I'm not quite ready yet.

How cold is it here?

Holly was carried away by the police.

He bet two pounds on the horse.

She revealed the secret to him.

What is his daily goal?

I'm sure I've never seen her.

Does this restaurant have pilaf?

This apple is bad.

It was Barbara who Elister killed.

He slammed the door and went upstairs.

Dust had accumulated on the desk.


The person I look forward to working with is Rob.

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Nobody messes with Rhonda.


It is rude to laugh at others.

Romain is a good athlete.

Suddenly, the Sphinx raised its head.

We followed you night and day.

Oleg thought I was Dimetry.


Paul is always groping women.

What a total blast!

I'm not sure if this painting will fit on the wall.

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Mosur reacted angrily.

I don't know whether he will come or not.

I was very good.

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Wasn't she fine in jail?

Next time I switch jobs, I need work that will let me make use of the experience I've gained up to now.

She sat surround by her grandchildren.

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Please tell us what to do next.


I told her to go.


What's the matter with me?

Why are you asking me these questions?

He's intelligent, but lazy.


There's so much more I need to say to you.

Where's my coffee mug?

I'll send the book by mail.

Maybe we could work together.

We'll figure that out later.


This food truly is tasty.

Sean is out of work.

It looks like Spike is getting pretty drunk.


I went climbing in the Alps.


I've seen my dog sneeze but never my cat.

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I've been working for some time here.

Why are you asking all these questions?

Please beware of fraudulent emails.

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She waited for him with patience.

I assume you still play golf.

A man with a big dog came in.

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He's as drunk as a fiddler.

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I'm clearly doing something wrong.


I don't think it makes him a bad person just because he's decided he likes to eat horse meat.

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Did you find something?


We made sacrifices.


She provides the brains and he provides the brawn.

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He was a widower, but a year after his son's wedding, he could not hold it any longer and also got married.

I want to go to Italy.

Are you experienced?

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The Earth's climate is fragile.

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We needed that.


Let's all remember to be nice.


I'd like to make a collect call to Los Angeles.

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One beats the bush, and another catches the bird.


We must get away.


Do you have any reasonable explanation about it?


The appeal was rejected.

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It started to snow.


If the governments devalue the currency in order to betray all creditors, you politely call this procedure "inflation".

I've been trying to get you on the phone all afternoon.

Their propinquity was uncanny, as they'd met only three days ago.

I had my watch stolen last night.

I told Gigi.

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I have exactly what you need.

Nici isn't very communicative.

He asked about the others.

That's unbelievable.

I've been asking myself that same question.

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They only wrote idle chatter about me in the newspaper.

I thought you were going to be gone all day.

I knew Sean might be right about that.


Leung could've refused.


I killed a duck once.

I guess Barrio really loves me.

I don't know how to pay you this amount of money.


He would do anything for you.

Let's all play together.

When she arrives, talk to her.


You can call me.

You still haven't told me why you decided not to go.

Let's go make fun of them.

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The old person was living there by himself/herself.


He really loves beer and gets drunk every day.

I wonder if I am made for this world.

I couldn't find him anywhere.

Men are physically stronger than women.

Tal won the first round.


The poor man was in need.


Whether or not it's art is anyone's guess.

Hang on. We'll be right there.

Heinz likes to sit on the dock playing his tin whistle while looking at the sunset.


Aisling seems very happy.

She gave her daughter everything she wanted.

I know Tony is different.


To overcome drag, airplanes use a propulsion system to generate a force called thrust.


My is it cloudy today!

Tai suffers from chronic back pain.

I agree with you to a degree.

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He's way out of your league.


There is nothing to it.

He's a man you can rely on.

We've made it to Berlin, onwards to New York.

Why persist in writing essays if one has not even mastered the art of writing succinct sentences?

She feeds her dog the same thing that she eats.

Siegurd is working as a software engineer.

They're just like rats leaving a sinking ship.

My spouse and I were visiting the farmer.

There were six children in the Evans family.

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Meehan also likes horse racing.

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Don't do such a thing in fun.

I don't need advisers.

I promise I'll never do that again.


Atoms form molecules.


Try to keep a clear head.

Aristotle, who lived from 384 to 322 BC, believed the Earth was round. He thought Earth was the center of the universe and that the Sun, Moon, planets, and all the fixed stars revolved around it.

Cecilia and Takao came to wave us good-bye at the train station.

You should've kept your mouth shut.

Mike wants a bigger house.

I knew I'd broken my wrist the moment I fell.

I don't have children.

Do you think I'm to blame?

Would you like to come to my party?

Has anything been unclear so far?

Is it close to the capital?

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Can you do anything about it?